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First Rule Digital Marketing specializes in providing affordable digital marketing solutions for small to medium sized businesses. We work with brick and mortar and online business whether start-up or established.

We cater our solutions to first meet your businesses immediate needs and our marketing savvy and flexibility allow us to work within even the tightest budgets while providing strategies for short term impact and long term growth.

We will meet you where you are and expertly help you get to where you want to go.

It’s been said “the first rule of marketing is to look like you know what you are doing.” At First Rule Digital Marketing, we will create digital marketing assets that look good, perform well, and deliver real results to your business.

The most fascinating aspect of digital marketing is the inter-connectivity. All of your online marketing assets simultaneously improve, and are improved by, each of the others in your digital portfolio. At First Rule Digital Marketing we start with the end goal in mind and work backwards. Through client consultation we first determine your ultimate goal for your digital marketing campaigns. When a potential customer or client reaches your website, what do you want to happen?

This is called “the action.” This action may be an online purchase, a physical visit, a phone call, an appointment with a sales rep, a newsletter subscription, or any of a variety of other activities. Each business is different and therefore the desired actions differ as well. The main concern is that the action actually happen, and in order for this to occur all of your digital marketing assets need to contribute, and therefore need to be virtually, physically, and psychologically interconnected.

Virtual inter-connectivity is achieved by maintaining the same look and feel of your digital assets across all devices and all properties. The term physical inter-connectivity refers to the digital links that physically connect your online properties. Perhaps the most important of these, however, is psychological inter-connectivity. Psychological inter-connectivity is the connection between all of your digital assets in the mind of your prospective customer or client. By starting with the desired end result in mind, taking one virtual step backwards at a time, and repeating this process until we eventually arrive at your initial customer or client interaction, First Rule Digital Marketing is able to insure that your digital marketing strategy properly connects all of your digital assets and exceeds the online marketing goals you have set for your business.

How Can We Help You?

Website Design

Our website design services start with a single question, “What do you want your website to do?” Once the purpose of the website is established we begin extensive research to identify long and short tail keywords related to the topic of your website. This allows us to create an SEO strategy which includes content optimization as well as on page SEO. From this point we develop and design a purpose focused, optimized and responsive website. We will customize a premium WordPress theme package to fit the look and feel of your business. In addition to websites for brick and mortar businesses we also build websites for affiliate marketers, e-commerce retailers, Amazon sellers, content marketers, and bloggers.

Video Marketing

We simplify video marketing with our signature “Desktop Video” production. Some of the most creative minds on the planet will create dynamic, one of a kind videos without the need for you to hire a film crew. Our creators carefully craft beautiful marketing videos using premium video and still photo assets. The end result is a unique video customized for your business perfect for your social media feeds or YouTube channels. Our method allows you to create many videos for the cost of just one video filmed and produced by traditional methods. Our video packages include custom animated logo reveals, animated GIFs for email marketing, professional voice narration, background music, and embedded calls to action. 

Local Business SEO

In local service areas competition can be relentless. Local service providers often have difficulty balancing finding new customers while servicing existing customers. Strategic local business SEO insures your business the best opportunity of receiving a call when a potential customer or client in your area searches for services you provide. Our proven local SEO strategies include extensive keyword research and fully optimized landing pages working in concert with your Google My Business listing, updated citations placed on highly regarded business listing sites, and social media properties and mentions. This creates high quality backlinks to improve your local search results.

Quality Content Creation

Great content requires great writers. Whether your website needs blog posts or authoritative articles, search engines will penalize your website for poor quality content and potential customers will leave your site to get the information they seek elsewhere. Premium content has become harder to find as more and more online article sites are opting for quantity over quality. Our expert writers will create great content for your blog or authority site. One well researched, keyword optimized article is worth ten low quality articles. In addition, a truly informative article with evergreen information will return higher search engine rankings over time. If your website thrives on content, then we have your content creation solution.

E-Commerce Solutions

Our e-commerce solutions help brick and mortar retailers expand their market beyond their local service area. We can add an e-commerce component to your existing website or build a website from the ground up to focus solely on e-commerce. Local service providers can take advantage of an e-commerce component by offering gift cards or gift certificates as a way to attract referrals from existing customers. We specialize in building e-commerce websites for Amazon sellers as a way to bypass competing product listings and build brand identity and our Amazing Affiliate Sites are designed especially for Amazon Associates to build niche-specific sites to promote affiliate sales.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is not an event but a process and a successful SEO strategy requires an in-depth analysis of all relevant ranking factors. Your goal is page one ranking, so your SEO strategy begins by reverse engineering the ranking strategy of the websites that are already appearing in page one results to create a strategy built upon solid data intelligence and insights, not intuition. The on-page SEO of your website as well as off-page factors such as backlinks and mentions help search engines find and index your website. A data driven SEO strategy can result in higher rankings for competitive keywords and also uncover less competitive keywords with high revenue potential. Our SEO specialists are experts in improving your search rankings.