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Let’s face it, digital marketing has become a crucial aspect of your business success. Without a firm digital marketing strategy, you are losing opportunities for your business as more and more potential customers are relying on digital business listings, websites, social media properties, and online ratings and reviews to locate businesses and make buying decisions.

Your Digital Marketing Hub is provided by First Rule Digital Marketing as a single point from which to manage your entire digital marketing strategy. The Digital Marketing Hub provides real-time insights into your online reviews, website and digital advertising performance, social media engagement, and much more.

Real time insights paired with recommendations to improve your results help you to make informed decisions about the direction of your digital marketing strategy. Having this information at your fingertips gives you the ability to focus your energy and your budget on the activities, products, and services that are providing the most return on your investment of time or money.

D.O.T. Matrix Digital Marketing Report

Unless you are extremely lucky, your effort to plot a path to your desired destination will be filled with costly wrong turns if you don’t know your current position, Our Digital Online Targeting (D.O.T.) Matrix Report will reveal the exact status of your digital marketing in real time, illuminating those items that are going well and identifying those items that need attention.

Our D.O.T. Matrix Report gives you insight into the impact your digital marketing strategy is having in real time. Key metrics include:

  • Business Listings – We collect data from over 70 business directories to show the number and accuracy of your listings as well as inform you of missing listings.
  • Reviews – Data is gathered from more than 30 review sites to report number, age, and average score of public facing reviews of your business.
  • Social Media – The number of posts, audience size, and audience engagement of your social media are compared to similar businesses to showcase opportunities for increased engagement, brand awareness, and brand loyalty.
  • Website Analysis – We leverage Google PageSpeed Insights to evaluate mobile responsiveness, page load speed, and content in order to increase your website conversions.
  • Digital Advertising – The D.O.T. Matrix Report will recommend high value keywords for your digital advertising campaigns as well as identify competitor keyword overlap and the monthly budget, paid clicks, and number of keywords of your competitors.
  • SEO – The D.O.T. Matrix Report will also perform organic keyword analysis and compare your performance to that of your competitors.
  • E-Commerce – The D.O.T. Matrix Report provides valuable insight into your e-commerce presence by evaluating your storefront and level of customer engagement.

The Online Business Toolkit 

We would be remiss as a digital marketing agency if we were to give you access to all this data without providing you the tools you’ll need to act on this information.

Of course we could, as many agencies do, identify the problems with your digital marketing strategy and then propose to charge you exhorbitant fees to fix them.

But that would go against our company philosophy. We believe in the power of digital marketing, and also the principle of paying it forward. we believe that if we help enough business owners achieve their goals, they will in turn, as a group, help us to achieve ours.

It is with that thought in mind that we provide our Online Business Toolkit for free to everyone that activates the Digital Marketing Hub. The Online Business Toolkit includes an e-commerce website as well as tools for reputation management, customer communication, SEO, email marketing, and more. In short, everything you’ll need to kickstart your digital marketing strategy.

These tools will enable you, but you don’t have to go it alone. If you need us we are here with premium products and services to provide nearly any solution necessary to empower your digital marketing. If you have questions, we have answers, if you run into problems, we have solutions.

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